Song Clips:

A Time of Magic Sacred Wind Metal and Curry Hurricane Ass Warriors of Asgard Sail with Me Rock, Rock, Rock, Rock Ragnarok Frigg Fart for Odin Dragon Ships and Women's Hips My Sword is my Sword The Sheeps Lament The Power of Cheese

Full Songs:

Fart For Odin (Single Version) Dragon Ships and Women's Hips

The Sacred Wind Album

Sacred Wind are:

Olaf the Berserker – Lead Vocals/Lead Guitars
Grundi the Windy – Lead Guitars/Backing Vocals
Smid the Merciless – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals
Agnar the Hammered – Drums and Percussion

Orchestration: Henry Fluffywool and Charles Corriedale
(The Oswestry Sheep Orchestra appear courtesy of Baa Lamb Management)

Keyboards: Henry Fluffywool

The making of the album:

I know what you're all thinking - 'channelling an album of music from a bunch of Welsh Vikings who live in an alternative reality, how hard can it be?'

Well, for a start some of the side effects are quite concerning - like developing a particular fondness for furry cod pieces (you get some odd looks when you're out shopping, I can tell you). However, after about eighteen months, I eventually managed to successfully record all of the eleven songs planted in my head by Sacred Wind, plus a couple of bonus tracks. I think people even got used to the furry cod pieces.

But, there was a problem. Try as I may, I could never match the imperious voice of Olaf the Berserker (I have screeched recordings to prove it). So, although I had all the lyrics and vocal melodies, I needed to find a more suitable vocalist. And, by an extraordinary piece of serendipity, I found him… living in Memphis in the USA.

The tremendous Bernard DeSeck then successfully channelled Olaf to produce a stunning series of vocal performances. He also had no issue wearing furry cod pieces (this kind of thing seems to be accepted quite readily in Memphis). Vocal recording and production duties were handled by the utterly brilliant Dennis Cupp (in Aztec Studios, Arlington, nr. Memphis). He also applied his considerable skills in mixing all the songs, and what a fantastic job he's done. Sacred Wind are delighted with the results (although Agnar still thinks his drums should be louder).

Aztec on Facebook

The album has also been expertly mastered by the tremendous Kevin Nix at L Nix Mastering in Memphis.

Sacred Wind and I would also like to thank the marvellous Keith Blanchard - for heroic backing vocals, and the superlative Scott Sudbury - for his assistance to Sir Dennis Cupp during the mixing process.

So, on behalf of Sacred Wind and myself, I hope you thoroughly enjoy listening to the music (and please feel free to sing along… and fart along when appropriate).

Andy Coffey