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8th October 2016

Sacred Wind Book on Scriggler

Sacred Wind - The Complete Trilogy is now being serialised on the well-known writing website Scriggler! It has been receiving many hits so far... currently chapters 1-15 (of 48) have been published (see links below):

Chapters 1-5

Chapters 6-10

Chapters 11-15


New Windy Xmas Video for 2016!

Our creator is to produce a new animated video for our splendid, and occasionally flatulent, song Wind Xmas (still on sale at all good download sites such as Amazon). It will be released in December and will hopefully fill your bowels with joy!


The Power of Cheese - Sacred Wind big in Vietnam!

A recent comment on our YouTube video for Fart For Odin revealed that Sacred Wind are becoming very popular in Vietnam (see below):

‘I heard the power of cheese in some Vietnamese music video (I think you guys are catching on in Vietnam by the way) and went and found this beautiful ballad to Odin. You guys rock infinity! I mean this from the heart of my bottom’

Thank you Laslow Greene!



17th December 2015

Sacred Wind US Book Reviews

The Sacred Wind books have been receiving some wonderful reviews in the US! Click here to read the great review for 'Sacred Wind - The Complete Trilogy', and here for the marvelous review of 'Sacred Wind - Book 1'. Our creator is very happy and his bowels are filled with joy!


Sacred Wind at the Comic Cons

Both our manager, Oldfart Olafson, our drummer, Agnar the Hammered and our Guitarist, Grundi the Windy, have recently attended various Comic Cons arounds the UK - SciFi Wales (5th September), Bolton Movie Con (8th November) and the 2nd Mersey ComicCon (21st November). Plus, Oldfart has been collecting videos of famous people in your reality saying our salutation... may Odin bless your wind! Click on the names below to see the videos...

Robert Llewellyn (Kryten from 'Red Dwarf')

John Challis (Boycie from 'Only Fools and Horses')

Ian Mcelhinney ('Game of Thrones')

Forbes KB ('Game of Thrones')

Julian Seager ('Guardians of the Galaxy', 'Dr Who', 'Malificent', 'Thor 2')

Peter Mckeirnon (author of the 'Death in a Northern Town' trilogy and writer/director of the TV adapation 'Dead Town')

Neil Gallagher (Butty in 'Dead Town')

Here are some marvelous photos from the events...

Oldfart at Bolton Movie Con


Agnar at Bolton Movie Con


Oldfart and Thor at Bolton Movie Con


Oldfart and Chewbacca at Bolton Movie Con


Grundi the Windy at Scifi Wales


Oldfart on the Radio...

Our esteemed manager, Oldfart Olafson, was also recently interviewed on the most excellent Kev McDempster Rock Show, on Wirral Radio! According to Mr McDempster the atmosphere in the studio was much improved after he left...
Click here to find the link to the 11th October 2015 show. It starts around 1:08:00 and finishes around 1:33:00. The songs 'Metal and Curry', 'Dragon Ships and Women's Hips' and 'Sacred Wind' are also featured.


Our Creator in the Press!

Our creator, the small and slightly strange Andy Coffey, was recently interviewed for the renowned North Wales Newspaper, the Evening Leader, on 23rd September 2015. Click here to read the interview!



23rd August 2015

Sacred Wind at SciFi Wales!

Our Creator is once again allowing himself to be possessed by Oldfart Olafson and will be appearing at SciFi Wales, in Llandudno, on 5th September 2015! He will be signing Sacred Wind books and CDs, plus will be selling lots of other flatulent merchandise, including badges and t-shirts. Let's hope he doesn't get into another fight with Darth Vadar...


Sacred Wind in Fireworks Magazine!

We were most delighted to be featured in issue 70 of the major international rock magazine, Fireworks! Not only is 'Dragon Ships and Women's Hips' included on the cover CD, but there is also a very revealing interview with Olaf the Berserker in the PDF version of the magazine, again included on the cover CD (click the picture above to access the PDF).


Two Sacred Wind Songs in the Semi-Final of the UK Songwriting Contest!

Our wind feels like it has been truly blessed, as both 'Sail With Me' and 'Dragon Ships and Women's Hips' have reached the semi-finals of the extremely renowned UK Songwriting Contest 2015. We are also delighted that 'Metal and Curry', 'Sacred Wind' and 'Windy Xmas' are being considered for 'Commended Entries'. Mind you, our creator has now also submitted 'Fart For Odin', so we're not sure what the music big-wigs and producers will make of that...


Oldfart Olafson on Scriggler!

Our creator (in the guise of Oldfart Olafson) has now published many funny stories and articles on a writing website called Scriggler. This includes 'The History of the Flatulantians', which is a prelude to the next Sacred Wind book!



1st June 2015

Sacred Wind at Mersey ComicCon

Our manager, Oldfart Olafson, and our drummer, Agnar the Hammered, had a truly wonderful time at Mersey ComicCon (Saturday 31st May 2015). They sold many books, CDs, badges and T-shirts, and met some lovely people... although Oldfart nearly got into trouble when he offered Darth Vadar out for a fight. See pictures below, plus we're expecting them to be attending other conventions soon, so please watch the space for details.




Sacred Wind in Fireworks Magazine!

We are very pleased to announce the our song 'Dragon Ships and Women's Hips' will be featured on the cover CD of the international rock magazine Fireworks (issue 70). There will also be a revealing interview with Olaf the Berserker in the PDF version of the magazine on the cover CD (... you really don't want to miss this).


8th March 2015

Sacred Wind Album - The Ringmaster Review

The Ringmaster Review has said some truly wonderful things about our album! Click here to read... And they have also supplied a brilliant separate review of 'Metal and Curry'! Click here to read...


Sacred Wind to Appear at Mersey ComicCon 2015!

We are delighted to announce that Sacred Wind will be appearing at the Mersey ComicCon convention on Saturday 30th May 2015. Our creator will be signing copies of our book and album, plus there will be appearances by Oldfart Olafson and Agnar the Hammered. The event will feature such luminaries as David Prowse (Darth Vadar) and some of the cast from Red Dwarf, amongst others. The Sacred Wind Stand will also be selling much merchandise... and giving away free wind blessings!


Our Songs on the Radio!

Thanks to the superb Emma Scott, from Pluggin Baby, our songs are continuing to receive much airplay on many stations around the world. Honourable mentions go to The Shift Radio, EGH Radio and Reputation Radio.

In particular, 'Fart For Odin' and 'Metal and Curry' are very popular! Click here to see the 'Lyrical Video' of 'Fart For Odin' on YouTube .


Another 5-Star Review of the Sacred Wind Book on Amazon!

'Sacred Wind: The Complete Trilogy' has had another great review on that Amazon thingy! Click here to read...


A New Year Message from Oldfart Olafson

A happy new year to all our Brothers and Sisters of wind! May you all prosper, be healthy and, most of all, be windy! ... and a message from Oldfart Olafson:

May your curry be spicy and thick
May too much Naan bread not make you sick
May your music be metal
May your stomach stay settled
And may your ale be served very quick
May your crumpets be buttered and crispy
May your thoughts be occasionally frisky
May your dreams all come true
May your heart not be blue 
And may your trumps be full and not wispy.


'Windy Xmas' Passes 10.000 Views on YouTube

Our most popular and relatively silly Xmas song, 'Windy Xmas' (originally released for Xmas 2013), has now received over 10,000 views on YouTube. Thank you all for watching... and farting under the mistletoe! Click here to watch...

And the single is still available to buy on Amazon!


Oldfart Olafson on Way Out Radio

Once again, Oldfart Olafson has been chatting on air (you can't shut him up). Click here to listen to his interview on WayOut Radio...


30th November 2014

Sacred Wind Album Now Available On CD!!

Our supremely windy album is now available to buy on cd from Amazon.Com!!

We have been receiving some excellent reviews, including this one below from 'The Rocker':

‘Have you been missing songs about cheese, farting and sheep?  Then Sacred Wind may be the band for you.
Yes, the world has been lacking in spoof metal bands, as they heyday of Spinal Tap, Bad News and Iron Maiden lie in the past.  But now prepare yourself for the latest genre, and one that is bound to spawn a multitude of followers.  Yes, it’s Welsh Viking Flatulence Metal from Llangollen.
Apparently, there a series of books that tell the tales of derring do represented here, but that would involve reading, and you know that’s not going to happen.  However, I’m more than happy to lend an ear to some NWOBHM meets Manowar meets Terry Pratchett.
Just so you know, the story is set in a time when an evil, New Romantic loving Baron has imposed a set of laws that outlaw both flatulence and cheese sniffing, without consent.  It’s up to four warriors to vanquish him.  And they are The Companionship of Wind. I never said it was funny.
Thing is, they might actually be a bit too good.  Because strip away the lyrics to songs like ‘Metal And Curry’, ‘Frigg’ and the power ballad ‘Hurricane Ass’, and you could be listening to a real power metal band.  It’s a bit like Samson (the band, ask yer grandad) making a concept album about the saddle of a schoolgirls bike.  Oh.  So, well done to Olaf the Berserker (vocals/guitars), Grundi the Windy (guitars), Smid the Merciless (bass) and Agnar the Hammered (drums).’


Another Great Review for our Book!

The marvellous Rachel Simpson from The Reading Rose has produced a most excellent review of our book. She described it as 'Simultaneously the strangest, weirdest and most hilarious book I have read in a long time' and 'it has all the drama, humour, action and romance anyone needs in their life'!

And our creator has also been featured in an article in the Chester Chronicle newspaper in your reality... where he is described as 'wacky'... which is very much correct!


Fart For Odin Radio Campaign!

The wonderful Emma Scott from Pluggin Baby is now promoting 'Fart For Odin' to many radio stations around the world! It has been receiving much airplay and the feedback has been superb (see some examples below):

‘Ha, this brightened up my Monday, can’t beat a good bit of toilet humour. It’s like Iron Maiden meets South Park! There are some brilliant lines in there, it makes it twice as funny with it being done in such a serious epic way, it’s musically awesome. Love it.’
Chris x Bauer Media

‘AMAZING!!! >.< xxx'
Xander - Press Liaison Officer, Social Media Administrator & DJ - Columnist & Photographer

‘Just to let you know that I'll be playing this on tomorrow's show, I love it by the way haha.
I don't think I've heard of a more random song to be honest, it's awesome haha.
If there was ever a god I would pass wind to, it would definitely be Odin.’

Radio: Tuesday 8pm on Roundhouse Radio

‘(Collapses into your arms in giggle fits!) ... Oh my God, darlin'! ... Sacred Wind are fantastic! ... (Why can't there be other bands like them around?) ... A nice, tight band of musicians, with a great sense of humour! ... You're right! ... This reminds me so much of Spinal Taps Stonehenge! .... This one is definitely going out on Wednesday night!’
Count! ... XXX

‘This is genius!! I love it! I'm adding this into the xmas show for 16th! This is just class!’
Calum and Kara
Twisted Mixtape, Glasgow

‘I LOVE THIS!!  IT'S GREAT!! Is there any way I could get a download of it?  I'm DJ-ing the Saxon pre-show party at the Limelight over here on December 6th, and I'd love to throw it out there and see what people think...’
Mark Ashby MCIPR
PlanetMosh, Uber Rock etc.


12 Plays Of Metal and Curry!

'Metal and Curry' was played 12 times in an eigth-week period on the national and DAB radio station Planet Rock! Our thanks to DJ Wyatt Wendels and Emma Scott!


Dai MacTavish on Soundcloud!

Our extremely scary frend, Dai MacTavish, has released his song 'Smacked A**e' via Soundcloud. You should listen to it... as you don't want to make him angry...


A Joyous Occasion - Coming Soon!

It is our great pleasure to announce the marriage of Olaf the Berserker and Ophelia - Queen of the Faeries! The ceremony will take place at Ophelia Palace on 1st December this year, and will feature outfits designed by Gilbert Kneepatcher. A special ceremonial cheese is also to be created by Merlin Crackfoot, plus the Oswestry Sheep Orchestra will be writing and performing a concerto for the couple. Watch this space for a review of the happy event...



12th September 2014

Sacred Wind Book News!

Sacred Wind: The Complete Trilogy is now available in paperback, on Amazon and has so far received five 5-star reviews! Our creator has been dancing a lot and his bowels are filled with joy!

Our creator (Andy Coffey) has also had a guest blog published via Chapterbreak about his five favourite things about writing fantasy (click here). It has received over 100 retweets on Twitter and seems to be very popular. It can also be viewed on the Authoramp site (click here).

And we are pleased to announce that the Sacred Wind Songbook is now available as a FREE pdf, on this site only (click here) or go to the Books page!!


Sacred Wind Album News!

We are delighted to announce that CDs of our album will be available via Amazon very shortly. Watch this space!

The songs 'Sacred Wind' and 'Metal and Curry' have been receiving much airplay on many radio stations across the UK and in the US, and the reaction has been most excellent!

And 'Metal and Curry' has been featured several times on national UK radio, via the wonderful Planet Rock - The New Rock Show, with Wyatt). His comments have been very kind 'I love this' and 'this is brilliant'!

We have also had some great comments from Adam Z (Steel93 Radio in New Jersey, US):

'To be honest with you, when Emma Scott from Pluggin' Baby first sent me the link to your bands song "Sacred Wind", I was pumped. Emma 85-90% of the time sends me great Rock 'N' Roll. Before I clicked play to listen to the song, I was reading the info on the band, and the concept... Farting, Cheese, Vikings??? WTF!!!???
Then, the music starts. Heavy, Hard & The Real Deal. The wit of Monty Python and Spinal Tap mixed with the crunch of Manowar, but with the guitar licks even Tom Scholz of BOSTON would bow down too. Let's not forget the vocals that soar alongside this comic Metal thunder.
Songs like "Sacred Wind", "Metal And Curry", "Hurricane Ass", "Warriors Of Asgard", "Sail With Me" and "Fart For Odin" are Metal Masterpieces. I also have to watch now where I'm singing. I find myself singing "Hurricane Ass" and "Sail With Me" out loud. These songs are too much fun singing in the car, with the stereo at full blast.
Thankz again for opening my eyes, ears and little brown hole to the artful Metal wit & magic of the band Sacred Wind.'

And the album has received very positive reviews in the internationally-distributed magazines Fireworks and Power Play (click on the images below to see the full reviews):


Sacred Wind Radio News!

The Sacred Wind Show, featuring our manager Oldfart Olafson and Joey 'Fart' Rennot, is now also being broadcast on Radio Warrington! The four shows are available for anyone of a deranged disposition to listen to on the Radio page...

And DJ Brap has written another new rap for Andy Bennett, who appeared on the show on 1st September 2014. This is available on the DJ Brap page...


11th August 2014

Sacred Wind Book News!

The Sacred Wind books are now being promoted by the excellent Kris Barnes at Authoramp. As well as sending out our books to people called bloggers (?) and reviewers, Kris also performed this excellent interview with our manager, Oldfart Olafson (click here). Plus, he is arranging various interviews for our creator (click here to read one at The Book Plank).

Our books are also starting to get some excellent reviews on that Amazon thingy... and also at this place called Smashwords.

The books are now available to download at many other stores, such as iTunes and that Smashwords place.

And if that isn't enough to stir Odin's bowels, Sacred Wind: The Complete Trilogy is now available from Amazon in paperback (click here)!!!


Sacred Wind Album News!

Our album, or more specifically the song 'Sacred Wind' is being plugged on many radio stations around the UK (and some abroad) by the quite marvelous Emma Scott, from Pluggin Baby. She has received some tremendous feedback about our song, and indeed Oldfart has also undertaken a few interviews with these DJ people, and has taken part in 'chatrooms'... which we're assured is not dodgy! Links to interviews will be added shortly, but here is some of the feedback we have been getting.

‘Fun Heavy Stuff!!! Manowar meets Spinal Tap. I'll start playing on July 28th.’
Adam Z from STEEL 93 RADIO (Jersey, US)

‘Classic British metal in the making NWONWONW of ...scrap it ...its Sacred Wind!!’
Mike James Rock Show

‘Sacred Wind are great, I'll need to get that album!
Campbell Stewart

'Spinal Tap looking over it's shoulder.’
Chris at BRFM, Wales

‘I love Sacred Wind and will play on my show on Monday 28th July.’

‘I enjoyed the song, and it's tongue in cheek nature. I'll give it a spin tomorrow night on the Come On Lets ROCK show. Also really liked the story of the band on the Soundcloud page. Get them on a co-headliner with Alestorm!’
Mark Frome FM

We have also been receving much airplay on Jango, and a site called Amazing Tunes (where the track Sacred Wind is also a FREE download). Many stations are also playing 'Metal and Curry', which seems to be very popular... possibly because people can identify with the lyrics.

Our album has been receiving some most splendid reviews (more to be published soon), including this from the Ultimate Metal Forum, in which we are described as 'a true metal Monty Python sketch' (click here). Plus the renowned online magazine 'Metaliville' wrote the following...

'A cheesy tale about farting set to the style of Metal all the way from Wales – hahaha in fact you can even download the story that comes in four volumes.

It’s like Hellween meets the Vikings. High ended vocals and good ole cheesy Metal sounds that really sends it up into the air and begins with an funny opening narrative with Grandson & Grandad in ‘A Time For Magic’ before going on with the earthy heavy 80’s like power metal and then some… Humour filled ditties ensure for you with ‘Hurricane Ass’ ‘Drag Ships & Women’s Hips’ & Metal & Curry.

Too funny'.

And, vert shortly, we are delighted to say that you will be able to but our album from that Amazon thingy in CD format!! Watch this space...


Sacred Wind Radio News!

Two new shows have been added to the Radio page, from 10th July 2014 and 24th July 2014. Plus, Oldfart and Joey 'Fart' Rennot are now taking the Sacred Wind Show to Radio Warrington. Links to these shows to follow soon...


Crumpeton Tales

We have been infiltrating our mad creator's mind once more, and told him about the little village of Crumpeton... in our reality. Apparently it is a lot like a place called 'Downton Abbey' in your world... but with crumpets and muffins. He is currently writing about Crumpeton in a series of Facebook updates called 'Crumpeton Tales'. Expect to see a new page dedicated to Crumpeton shortly...


2nd July 2014

Sacred Wind on Jango!

Via the tremendous company, Radio Aiplay, you can now listen to the full songs 'Sacred Wind' and 'Dragon Ships and Women's Hips' for free! We are very pleased that we are achieving something called a 'Pop Score' of 80 (the maximum is 100), and are gaining many fans from many different countries in your reality. Our wind feels blessed. Click the image below and hear the songs!


Sacred Wind to appear in Fireworks Magazine!

We are delighted to be appearing in the well-known national music magazine Fireworks (in your reality) - issue 65, which will be available at the end of August. After being contacted by the most amiable Nicky Baldrian, Olaf the Berserker provided a detailed, and most enlightening, interview which we are sure will be of interest to all. The song 'Dragon Ships and Women's Hips' will also be available on the free CD that comes with the magazine. As well as being available online, the print version of the magazine can even be bought at somewhere called WH Smith.


Sacred Wind Album given a Silver Axe (in our reality...)

When our manager, Oldfart Olafson, told us that we were being awarded a Silver Axe for 50,000 sales of our album we were understandably flatulent. We were presented with the award by the famous music mogul, Colin Mowsel (who owns Dee Records, the label that the album is released on in our dimension). He had very shiny teeth and was wearing a smashing v-neck sweater. Much ale was drank, much curry consumed (with their permission, of course) and everyone was filled with good wind. Our drummer, Agnar, did make a bit of a show of himself at the press conference, though, by dropping his trousers and shaking his maracas a little too vigorously.


DJ Brap Webpage

Our great friend and partner in wind, DJ Brap, now has his own page on this very site. This contains links to his music, including the tremendous Mediterranean Dining Pants and Joe's Rap. You can also read the lyrics to his raps, and he'll soon by providiing words and wisdom of Brapness, and also on the spiritual practice of Brap Enlightenment...


New Sacred Wind Radio Show

The 'Radio' page now contains a new Sacred Wind Show, broadcast on 12th June 2014. This frankly ridiculous show included Oldfart and Joey comparing children's games between this world and Sacred Wind world, DJ Brap reciting the poetic and moving 'Tony's Rap', and Oldfart reading from chapter 3 of Sacred Wind: Book 1 (which featured some very scary Traffic Wardens). Plus, they played DJ Brap's 'Mediterranean Dining Pants, and the Sacred Wind songs 'Fart For Odin', 'The Power of Cheese', 'Frigg' and 'Dragon Ships and Women's Hips'.


Sacred Wind Audio Book begins production

Our creator and Joey 'Fart' Rennot have begun the production of an audio book of the fabulous tales told in the Sacred Wind books. This epic venture will feature many people from your reality contributing to the voices (sadly, the interdimensional portal does not allow us to do our own voices... except for Oldfart, because of his quantum wind and Smartphone thingymajig). Expect regular updates of progress on the 'News' page.


Forthcoming Sacred Wind promotional activity

There's likely to be a lot more wind on the radio and in the media soon, as we have joined forces with some splendid people in the PR industry (in your reality) to help get the message of wind out to the masses! Watch this space for more details as they emerge...



2nd June 2014

Sacred Wind Album Now on sale!

The Sacred Wind album is now on sale worldwide! It can be downloaded from iTunes, Spotify and many others (including, very soon, Amazon MP3)! Our bowels are truly filled with joy!


New Sacred Wind Radio Shows!

Last week's Sacred Wind Show (29th May on HCR 92.3FM) was a gloriously insane affair. See details and links on the 'Radio' page.


Riot in The Sheep's Stirrup

The launch party for the Sacred Wind album, held at The Sheep's Stirrup pub, in Llangollen last week, was marred when the Bad Men (mentioned in the song 'My Sword is my Sword') showed up and began heckling the band and blowing raspberries. Fortunately, the cousin of Maurice Fluffywool (the proprietor), Marvin Merino and his pupils of Sheep Kwon Do, swiftly dealt with the brigands with several particularly tasteful hoof kicks. That'll teach them!


6th May 2014

Sacred Wind Books one sale!

The Sacred Wind books are now on sale, available on Amazon Kindle in the following countries: UK, USA, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, India, Japan, Mexico and Brazil. Oldfart Olafson, our esteemed manager, has assured us that the books will also soon be available in other major online stores, such as iTunes. Watch this space for further details!


Our most splendid and windy debut album has just been mastered by the legendary Kevin Nix, from the equally legendary L Nix Mastering in Memphis, USA! The sound quality is now supremely bowel-moving. It not only knocked Odin’s socks off… but also his pants. Kevin described Sacred Wind as ‘one of the funnest projects I’ve ever worked on’ and called the album ‘an instant classic’. High praise indeed from someone of his vast experience. He is now officially a Brother of Wind.

The two full songs of 'Fart For Odin (single version)' and 'Dragon Ships and Women's Hips' are now available on the 'Album' page!

Sacred Wind ‘Movie Trailer’

Our creator has gone out of his way to produce a highly spiffing and most epic ‘trailer’ for our books and music. It is available on this YouTube thing for your viewing and listening pleasure.